• I lost another 2.5 pounds of body fat!

    I reached my goal for January! 

    I wanted to lose 5 pounds of body fat this month and so far I’ve lost 5.5! 


    I do have two more weeks till the month is over so hopefully it stays the same or I lose more. 

  • Personal Post..dating.

    So he texted me saying that he likes me and I had to basically friend zone him saying I think he’s cool…like bowties.

    I just don’t feel anything. Nothing really came naturally. He isn’t really nerdy which is something I like in guys.

    And after I mentioned I like reading books he said he likes going to Barnes & Noble and sitting there reading magazines. I’m surprised he didn’t say he likes long walks on the beach afterwards.

    It just seems like one of those cliche lines guys use.

    And I think he’s joining my gym ‘cause of me. He lives like 40 minutes away. Can’t find another Crossfit box closer by?

    Also is it horrible one reason I’m not attracted to him is ‘cause his height? I’m 5’2” and he’s shorter than me. I don’t need a guy whose super tall, but it’s just so off putting. It also makes me feel huge.

    He also has the laugh of the Pillsbury dough boy.  

    I went out with him Friday night and I was excited and nervous leading up to the date. I had a good feeling and was happy. 

    I meet him the other night through mutual friends. 

    But when I was with the guy that night, I just felt nothing. He was nice and was a gentleman but I just felt nothing.

    And he’s short…

    Shorter than me. I didn’t know when I met him ‘cause he was sitting down the entire time.

    I felt more of a friendly vibe. And I feel really bad ‘cause he is nice. But I just didn’t feel anything. 

    But it was good that I went out on a date.

    I think dates are important ‘cause you learn more about yourself.

    And two things I learned is one, I still miss him. I felt comfortable with him. We had a lot in common. It just felt right from the beginning. He just ended up being a jerk in the end. And I don’t know why I still miss him. 

    And two, I don’t think I am ready to date again. 

    I’ve never really had a boyfriend. My longest “relationship” was 3 months plus it was long distance. So I do want a relationship and that comfort but I should just focus on me more than trying to find a guy right now. I’m not that desperate. Also since I’m not really over him its probably not the best idea.

    There’s so many things I want to do than just say I’ll do. 

    I don’t know if I should just go on a couple more dates with this guy.


  • Hump Day Wednesday. Improvement picture. 

    Still have a ways to go. 

  • How’s everyone doing?!

    Sorry I’ve been down in the dumps lately. I’ve just been going through a lot of personal things right now. I’ve always had to deal with depression, I guess the season doesn’t really help either. I kind of fell off a little but my eating habits haven’t been so great-I’m an emotional eater. 

    I was trying to explain this to my friend but she wasn’t quite getting it. She was saying, “Oh well I eat pretzels for salty cravings and try to eat fruit when I want something sweet…” 

    Yes, I know thats what you should do when you have salty/sweet cravings-there’s always a healthier option.

    The thing with emotional eating is you don’t care. You don’t want any of that, you just go to whatever is comforting. 

    "Oh yeah I know but I’m telling you thats what I do just trying to help."

    But she’s not an emotional eater so she doesn’t really know.

    Its a little hard to explain but your mind just doesn’t go there, you don’t really see fruit and pretzels as “comforting” You don’t care if its healthy. 

    I know she was trying to be a good friend and help but she just wasn’t understand what I was saying. I’m not dumb, I know to eat fruit as a healthier option for sweet and lets say pretzels or even edamame for salty cravings but like I’m trying to make a point you just want to grab whatever. 

  • Interview

    So today I had an interview for a real adult job! Haha. Any way, I thought it went well. It was more casual and laid-back, they didn’t ask me any questions expect if I want to work there. They explained more day to day things we do and about the company. Any answers I had for your typical interview questions I still worked into the interview. We also talked about non related work things as well- which I think is good. The interviewer said I was articulate and well spoken and really liked the fact I didn’t ask about money and was flexible with what I’ll be making

    Hopefully I got the job. I made it seem that I really want it and motivated

  • Detox Day 2

    Meta-D drink. Its seriously  so delicious! Oatmeal with apple and cinnamon.

    Apparently brown rice and oatmeal is detox friendly.

    I went to the gym. 45 minutes of strength and 40 minutes of cardio. 

    For lunch I had some brown rice and black beans. 

    A little high in carbs but I had a hard workout today. 

    FUN fact: Diary tolerance is a human mutation meaning that at one point our bodies weren’t meant to digest dairy.

    Another fun fact: One orange can wake up you up as much as a cup of coffee!

  • Detox Day 1

    Woke up and had my meta-d drink.

    Then for lunch I had quinoa with almonds with some raspberry herbal tea. 

    I plan on having some fruit as a snack later on and making a salad for dinner for work.

    Just as a little reminder, a detox excludes all dairy products, eggs,  soy products, coffees and teas (except green and herbal-those are great). I even found a couple of sites that mentioned to exclude oranges and corn during a detox but I don’t think I will go that far. 

    I’m only doing this detox for a short period of time. 

  • Update

    Oh my today was a busy day.

    I went to the gym with my friend and decided to sign up! I figure its a good way to get out of the house and it helps having access to heavier weights. 

    I’m going to look up and make my own workouts for the gym and plan accordingly. 

    I had my opening launch party for my travel agency. (FYI: If you shop on my site you earn commission back! -message me)

    I also start my seven day detox tomorrow! I have all the things I need. Now I just need to be a little creative. 

  • Last night

    was horrible. 

    I had a little too much hot sauce at dinner time and my stomach hated me for the next 10 hours.  I thought I was good after the first time vomiting but it just kept happening and I started to vomit bile. It was the most painful feeling ever. This morning I had bay leaf tea (its a home remedy that my mom brought from the old country)  a banana, and boiled apple. 

  • Supermarket Romance

    I went shopping to grab a few things for my detox and there was this guy. He was cute to begin with; in his sweats and sweatshirt and beanie. Then me being me I looked at what he was buying and it was all healthy foods. Nothing like hungry man frozen dinners and pizza bagels. 

    We kept looking back at each other but we didn’t say anything to each other.

    It was magical. 

  • Detox

    So I’m planning on going on a detox within the next few days. I wanted to start today and I started my research.

    Always do your research before starting things like this.

    As I was sipping my coffee (which you should avoid during a detox! oops) I found a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat.

    I am only doing this for seven days. As I said I wanted to start today; however, I figured it was best to start Tuesday. 

    Yesterday I went to the movies and ended up eating poorly. Today I started off well but then I figured I might as well enjoy these next 4 days. I’m not saying I’m going to totally eat unhealthy but a detox can be strict and. I figured I could use these next days as a gateway to the detox. 

  • Sometimes

    I feel like I don’t have any friends anymore. Everyone is doing their own thing or is too busy to do anything. 

    I do make the effort and I’m getting tired of being the only one that does. It just feels like I’m left out a lot too. 

    Like two of my friends go to school together, and I see time to time they go to the diner afterwards. I talked about it with them and say they can include me as well ‘cause we don’t get to see each other much. And then tonight I see they’re at the diner again. 

    In a lot of ways I feel like the back burner friend. I just kind of get forgotten.  A friend of mine goes skiing every other weekend and I want to start joining her so I can go snowboarding, but I hope she’ll actually include me on her weekend getaways. 

    And another thing there’s so much I want to do. I’m sick of this town and sick of just doing nothing all the time. I want to do fun things. I want to go on vacations and see the world and experience new culture.