• Breakfast

    1/2 cup of egg whites with salsa on top and 1/2 banana and handful of blueberries on the side.

    That’s paleo.

    However…my lunch isn’t and one ingredient makes it not fully gluten free either. (like I said in a previous post, there’s just some things in my fridge that aren’t gluten free and also not considered paleo that I need to give rid of)

    For lunch I took a black rice tortilla (food for life) and warmed it up. My favorite way of warming up a tortilla and giving it that crunchy texture is using water instead of oil. Just hold the tortilla underneath the water for a few seconds and then just plop it on the pan and warm it up! 

    These particluar black rice tortillas break if you try to use them as a wrap so its better to keep it flat. 

    Then I put hummus (gluten free) on it, toped with tomatoes, alfa sprouts and this smart deli tofurky, which contains wheat gluten.

     A nice little flatbread for lunch. 

  • Paleo Breakfast

    Sweet Potato hash browns and two eggs. The recipe I used for the hash browns were delicious. 

    One thing I hate about grating vegetables is how you can’t really fully grate them. Oh well. I chopped what ever was left and boiled them.

  • Breakfast

    Oatmeal with 1 TB of almond butter and blueberries. 

  • Breakfast/Lunch

    For breakfast I had scrambled eggs on arnold 80 calorie bread with edamame and cheese. I added low sodium soy sauce and garlic powder to the eggs and it was so delicious! 

    For lunch I’m making homemade lentil soup! 

  • Breakfast

    I had quinoa pancakes!

    They were so yummy.

    You take about 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa and whisk it together with 2 egg whites. 1/4 of skim milk (I used soy), 1/4 smashed banana and 1 tsp of brown sugar. The recipe also calls for 1 tsp of vanilla, but since my soy milk is vanilla flavored I skipped out. 

    Lightly grease the pan and you’re ready to go!

    For breakfast I also made a smoothie. I used the rest of my banana, a kiwi, an orange, and soy milk. 

  • fit-inspiration:

    Mmmm breakfast. Banana blueberry cinnamon pancakes with a silken tofu banana almond milk and cinnamon sauce

    (via mongelluzzo)

  • Breakfast

    Granola with Fage greek yogurt and some honey. 

  • Breakfast

    I had 2 slices of Arnold whole wheat 40 calorie bread with avocado mashed on one and a tablespoon of honey on the other. 

    P.S: I really need to go grocery shopping and buy some fruits. 

  • This morning.

    3 x 10 lunges.

    Fiber One 80 calorie cereal with soy milk. 

  • Breakfast

    I had whole wheat pancakes with honey as my syrup. 

  • Breakfast/Lunch

    For breakfast I had Fiber 80 calories cereal with soy milk. 

    Since I have classes 12:30 till 5:45 I packed two sandwiches. 4 slices of bread (160) 2 tablespoons of almond butter (180) 1 banana and 1 tablespoon of honey (60). I also packed some triscuits incase I’m not hungry for another sandwich. Plus water! Can’t forget the water.