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  • So I did a search for before and after pictures and found hers but turns out her account has been deactivated. :/ I wish I can let her know.

  • So I was reading a random article and I saw this other article about diet pills and the picture the used is someone on I recognized from here! 

    It was someones before/after picture. I can’t seem to find her. I know I was following her and I wanna let her know about this


    But how terrible is that. 

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    Here’s a light and refreshing paleo smoothie that really hits the spot when you need a quick and healthy thirst-quencher… We got back from a bike ride in the hills this morning a little over-heated, so I whipped up one of my favorite ice-cold smoothies to cool us off. The trick to this delicious…

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  • Why are weights so expensive? Meh

  • veggielife:

    I feel like I need more sassy fitness tank tops in my life. I have the fitness doge one in my cart now, just can’t decide if a tank top is worth almost $30…

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    [7] [8]


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  • This seems fun. 

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    This is so accurate.

    accurate post is accurate.

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    Sensoria Fitness and Race Yourself enable Augmented Reality with Smart Garments and Google Glass…VIDEO

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